Who is Lilith?

First woman. First wife. Ancient demoness.

According to Biblical interpretation, Lilith was the very first woman, arising before Eve. Let’s call her the first wife.

You know that wife, Ivana, Denise, Elin,…. the wife that spoke up when things weren’t right, that wanted it her way, who knew she was an equal no matter how powerful or famous or God-like he – or the world – thought he was.

Yes, that was Lilith. The Bible verse announces “male and female created he them” – yes, God – or some say the angels as it is in plural – created male and female at the very same moment. Only later does the tale of Adam and Eve emerge..

This led the Rabbis to hem and haw and finally it was explained:
There was a well known ancient demoness, her name was Lilith. She flourished in the underworld, she was the queen. But how did she get there?

Now it was clear. The underworld was her second home, her country home, her great escape. Prior to that, she had been a woman, just like any other woman, but with wings. And a voice. And a nice healthy appetite for sex.

Adam lusted after her, hungry but also a little bit scared. Her long dark sultry hair, her breasts, her curves. Straightening up, Adam announced: “We will fornicate, but I am on top and you are on the bottom, so we can both remember our place.” Lilith said, “nah.”

“You and I are equal,” she insisted. “I want to be on top today!”

Adam tried to explain, to rationalize, to draw the diagrams, to show his brute strength to map it out in numbers. But Lilith had no patience. She lifted up her wings and flew up. She disappeared. To the abyss.

After searching for her place, she found a welcome home – an underworld of demons, yearning for her touch, her hold, her ferocity, her truth. There she stayed, and soon became queen. There, she fornicated with whomever, however she wanted.

Yah, yah, you know the rest. He whined “God, I am alone! I am soooo lonely! Who, oh who, will make me dinner? Bring my slippers? Listen to my pontifications, oooooooh woah is me!”

And so it was, the rib, the help-meet, the snake (or was it Liith casting her revenge?), eternal damnation, birth of guilt (especially maternal), and so on and so forth….

And Lilith, what of her? She rests, Queen of the Underworld, living her life.as the freeest of spirits. Still, lest you think her new life is all roses, she too suffers, 100 of her demon babies die every day and she longs for a child of her own.

But lest men rest, with Lilith gone, they are forewarned by the rabbis in the ancient texts…. if they find themselves alone, if semen is spilled onto their sheets, or if a baby smiles, it might just be Lilith, coming up to reclaim just a bit of what was created to be hers.

And as the earth shuts down with hurricanes and forest fires, evil presidents and broken down power, Isaiah’s warning to men still abounds, for there is a world in the future, a world where the hierarchy will fall, and all the female wild animals will couple amongst themselves, leaving men to find their own new home…

“As for nobles none shall be there to be called to the kingdom, and all her princes shall be nothing….. And the wild cats shall meet with the jackals, and the satyr shall cry out for its friends.; yeah, there e Lilith will repose and find herself a place of rest.
There shall the arrow snake make her nest, and lay and hatch and brood under her shadow, yeah, there shall the kites be gathered, each female (‘isha’) with her female mate(‘reutah’).” — Isaiah 34:12-15.

So, while the world turns topsy turvy, and men rise up against each other with violence and power wars, it’s just around the corner, that time, where nature will arise and fight, class structure will topple, and the female species will arise – sexual, sensual, heart centered and free. That, and only that is the place, where magical Lilith, wings outstretched, long dark hair flapping in the wind, bolstered by a long line of women fighting her fight can finally and completely be at REST..