when you build

a circle of women

i mean a real circle of WOMEN

Women who laugh and cry and howl at the moon

women who enGAGE enRAGE


clench their teeth

attack a pillow

dance with abandon

strip down naked

Lace right back up in sexy-ass garments

that hug and hold and shimmer and swish

women that aren’t afraid to smear their menstrual blood on their pretty little punims

then wash it off and go make dinner

and do the dishes

a child in one arm

swishing at the hip to ani de franco with the other

when you join a circle of women

women whose hearts are on fire

and souls are enthralled

and touch is infectious

And voices enraged

and yonis are pulsing

and bodies are tingling

whose veins writhe and pump 

yearning and stepping up to go shake up the godamn world

heart first minds later

when you join this circle 

the circle judgment free zone

Each of these superwomen who have been shoved kicked ignored pushed down

then found their way through the maze to a new beginning

fiercely and powerfully wrapped in their power suits

Of magenta or leopard-skin thick cuffs of gold

calling to the earth like the new female tarzan 

Aaaaaa- aaaa – aaaa – aaa – aaaaa!

Swinging from tree to tree not knowing if it will catch you cuz

when you join this circle 

something happens

and nothing can stop you


because you know 

the circle’s got you baby

this fucking circle is your fucking lifeline

Your velvet ruby red lifejacket with pearls

and you’re writhing in it

        climbing in it 

        flying through it

        you are everything you dreamed you would be 

        and they are everything they dreamed they could be

        and together you are that just that

a circle of phenomenal fucking women

wild and glorious and magical and free.

when you join that circle of women

there is nowhere in this fucking earth you’d rather be. 


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