Wild Woman lurks in the shadows, wild woman yearns to be free, wild woman sheds her red red blood like the wild fires that lurk in the forests, yearning to spread their flames to gallop like the wild stallion she is, leap into the air defying gravity like a classic ballerina like an Olympic gymnast twisting and twirling like a wild dervish spinning and whirling like a dreidel all waiting in anticipation to see where it will land – but it just doesn’t. land.

Wild Woman doesn’t land. Wild Woman’s feet never touch the ground, wild woman’s belly touches the ground. Wild Woman’s hips touch the ground. Wild Woman’s knees crawl through the earth. Wild Woman growls.

Wild Woman sneers. Wild woman eeks. Wild woman howls.

Wild Woman roars. Wild woman ROAAAARRRRRRRS.

Wild Woman bleeds. Wild woman oozes. Wild Woman spits. Wild Woman screeches. Wild Woman sings. Jazzy belly fill the room Aretha Franklin Jennifer Hudson Ella Fitgerald Ma Rainey. Wild Woman bellows. Wild Woman croons.

Wild Woman’s prickly, wild woman’s raw. Wild Woman’s fiery, Wild Woman’s paw.

Wild woman’s curly. Wild Woman’s hair. Wild Woman’s wild. The wild will ensnare.

She’s decadent, hungry, alive.

She’s vengeful. She’s powerful. She’s godamn invincible.

She was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.

Once she’d been good. She was very VERY good.

Now she’s grown up and she’s TORRID!!!!!!

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